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  • Professionals At Works

    Afton Pharma has appointed a group of talented and educated professionals who are having the experience in the field of Pharmaceutical Industries.

  • Lab Test

    Afton Pharma is having its own laboratory equipped with the latest technological instruments. The R & D team is continuously taking maximum advantage of the results and output of the Lab facility.

  • Mission

    The Company is aiming at the higher rate of production at better quality control and superior hygiene so as to attract more and more drugs manufacturers all across the world to need of raw material.

  • Online Help

    We are giving online information regarding the formulation and also the side effect or caution to be taken regarding any drug or any of our products.

  • Quality Assurance

    Afton Pharma is keeping high quality checks during various production stage to ensure the perfect formulation and better resulted APIs. The Company fulfils quality standard by the leading health organizations.

  • Being Human Policy

    Afton Pharma is taking utter care about its products and tests so as the humanity is kept intact. While preparing any new drugs or formulation we keep humanity at the prime focus. We make sure that the new formulation gives minimum side effect.


  • Expansion and Extension

    Afton Pharma is expanding its reach day by day from a small town to state level and today it has expanded its reach to all across India. We are also in process to develop the export market and do some tie-ups. The results will be soon released once the deal is consolidated.

  • Gratitude

    Afton Pharma hereby take this opportunity to thank its entire staff, dealers and distributors for giving us the support, overwhelming responses and timely updates from the market to enable us to improve our quality and give better results each and every time.

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